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Art & Corrine Bush – In lovely Star, Idaho

During a visit in 2013 from Portland, Oregon to see our daughter and grandchildren, we fell in love with Boise and the Treasure Valley. It had everything we wanted, 4 seasons, plenty of sunshine, and most important, friendly folks. The only concern we had was being from Portland, how do we find a realtor? Fortunately, our neighbor in Portland was also moving to Boise and said they had a realtor named Holly who they liked so that’s how we came to know Holly.

From our very first meeting, Holly showed a sincere interest in our “want and need” list and while it took several trips from Portland to Boise, Holly was there for us with emails and phone calls. In the Fall of 2013, with Holly’s help, we found a beautiful lot on a lake in Star, Idaho

Building a new home in a new location can be a daunting task however with Holly nothing is daunting. When we told Holly that we wanted our home loan to be with a credit union, she suggested that we use Mountain America Credit Union and work with a loan officer Holly worked with before. Our loan process went through as smoothly as silk.

Simple things, in constructing a new home soon become complex issues if they are not addressed in a timely manner. Holly became a watchdog on the progress of our home and met, on our behalf, with the builder several times. Now, if you really want to get a grasp of how committed Holly was to us, when our home’s foundation was poured on Christmas Eve’s day in 2013 and Holly was there to take pictures! Now that’s dedication!

Who knows what the future holds, however, if we build again it will only be with the assistance of our friend Holly Davis Haag.